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holiday catering ideas

10 Exciting Catering Ideas for the Holidays

Anyone involved in catering will tell you how challenging it is to prepare orders during the holiday season for large groups of people. Thankfully, there are plenty of catering ideas for the holidays, most of which are easy to make, no matter the size of the group.


Catering isn’t just about making food for large groups but includes food quantities and knowing your budget. In the end, there’s a significant emphasis on portion sizes, prep time, and the ingredients utilized in the catering. There are also dietary restrictions such as vegetarianism and food intolerances.


Nevertheless, if you have to make a large catering order for an event, here are ten catering food ideas. The dishes range from straightforward crowd-friendly meals to inexpensive dishes that are quick and easy to make. There are suggestions for several occasions; let’s take a look!

10 Catering Ideas for the Holidays

Rice Bowls

A rice bowl’s most significant strength comes down to its versatility. If you can make enough food to offer a cafeteria-style (people go up and make their plates) catering dish, rice bowls are great to consider. You only need a rice base to pair with veggies and protein. You can also make a few sauces to spice or sweeten things up.

Veggie Curry

Who doesn’t love curry? Though many people in the west are unfamiliar with curry, anyone who tries it loves it. It’s a universally loved dish; more importantly, it is straightforward to prepare in large batches. A vegetable curry recipe is one of the best options to consider for catering. It’s usually gluten-free and vegetarian, which is always a plus.

Lemon Chicken

It’s no secret that meat eaters love chicken. Though there are many routes you can go with chicken, a lemon chicken is a simple and exquisite dish that works well in large quantities. Have a few chicken breasts available per person and have it paired with a side like rice. In the end, people will leave the event feeling full.

Fried Rice

Although fried rice is commonly thought of as a side, with enough protein and veggies, it’s easily the main dish. Take a gander through the various fried rice options and see what makes the most sense for a catering order. No matter what option you choose, fried rice doesn’t take long to cook, no matter the size.

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken sandwiches are a staple of North American cuisine, and it makes sense. These sandwiches are effortless to make and are fully customizable in many ways. All you have to do is grill up a bunch of chicken, have some buns available, and have condiments ready for people to put on their sandwiches.

Cinnamon Rolls

Consider throwing some cinnamon rolls into the mix if you require a dessert for your catering needs. Cinnamon rolls are easy to prepare and make in large quantities. All you have to do is follow a recipe, get large baking sheets, and bake them. Unlike other desserts, they don’t need to be hot when served, making them perfect for catering.

Mini Pizzas

Who hasn’t ordered a bunch of pizza for a big event? There are many ways to get pizza for an event, with mini pizzas being a fun way to offer pizza customization quickly. If you have a portable oven and team, you can run an assembly line with people requesting specifics for their pizza. It’s fun and easy, and everyone loves pizza.

Bean Soup

Soup is prevalent in catering, with bean soup being a popular option in the soup world. It’s vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free, and will satisfy practically everyone’s hunger needs. Soup is straightforward to make in bulk, primarily because you can refrigerate or freeze it if you make it in advance.

BBQ Salmon

There are many options to consider with BBQ, and as popular as BBQ chicken is, why not try out BBQ Salmon for something different? As long as you have the budget, BBQ Salmon only takes 15 minutes of prep time and 20 minutes to cook a few dishes. You’ll have enough BBQ Salmon within a few hours for a large group.

Seafood Platter

A seafood platter is another way of offering the classics in seafood. Examples include fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, and many others. Remember, seafood is very expensive, so only consider this route if you have the budget and know the group you’re catering for loves seafood.

Lemon Tart

If cinnamon rolls aren’t your preference for dessert, consider making a lemon tart dish. Lemon tart is an easy recipe to eat and will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Although getting the crust right is challenging, plenty of online tutorials help you. Generally speaking, making a few shouldn’t take you any longer than 25 minutes.

Catering Ideas for the Holidays – Rice Bowl Deluxe

As great as developing a catering idea on your own is, it’s much easier to go with a proven restaurant catering service. At Rice Bowl Deluxe, we make catering easier for you because of our online catering system. Remember to place an order at least 24 hours in advance so we can ensure the order and quality are what you expect.


The process is simple. Begin by choosing your entrees, with the party options of 12, 16, 24, and 32. Options include our popular Asian Lemon Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, Green Onion Donut, and more. After selecting your entrees, you pick your sides and complete your order. Contact us to learn more about our catering ideas for the holidays.

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