Chicken Fried Rice Bowl

Rice – 8 Great Reasons To Increase Your Rice Consumption

Chicken Fried Rice Bowl
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Why You Should Add More Rice to Your Diet

If humanity is primarily known for one thing, it has to do with our natural love of eating. Whether it’s making food on your own, discovering a new restaurant, or going to your favorite cafe, food makes up a large portion of our diet. If you’re someone who prides themselves on what you eat, you should consider adding more rice to your diet.


Now, you more than likely have already eaten rice because who doesn’t love rice? However, if you only ever eat it on occasion, you should change that. After all, rice is easy to make and eat, tasty, and has so many variations that it can fit under any diet. It’s truly remarkable how much of a superfood rice is. Not to mention how tasty rice bowls and similar rice dishes are for people to eat.


Nevertheless, if you hope to learn more about why you should add more rice to your diet, you’re in the right place. We’re going to discuss several benefits and pros to rice in general, and we’ll conclude by highlighting where you can find a solid rice bowl restaurant in Edmonton. Let’s take a look!

Easy to Eat

Without even having to go into detail, rice is straightforward to eat. There are so many great foods and dishes popularized throughout the world, but some are just a pain to eat. Rice certainly fulfills the tasty category while also being one of the most accessible foods for humans to consume.


All you need is a plate or bowl for the rice to lay in and a fork, or spoon to consume. You could even eat rice with your hands if you really wanted to. It may sound like a minor benefit, but you’d be surprised at how annoying certain dishes can be just because of how you eat them. For example, crab legs are incredibly tasteful, but no one actually enjoys the process of eating them.


As great as it is that rice is easy to eat, none of that matters if the taste is terrible. Although it’s possible to make a rice dish, when made right, just about every person agrees that rice is a delicious dish. It’s especially when it’s paired in a bowl fashion with veggies, sauce, and protein.


The possibilities are truly endless when referencing rice dishes, and as a result, it becomes an exploration of taste. Seeing as just about every person varies with their food preferences, it’s nice to know there are dishes like rice that are incredibly versatile in the food world.

Many Variations

Going off the notion of versatility, just about every person has an understanding that rice is a versatile dish. After all, you can make rice to be extremely plain to be jammed packed with flavors. All of it depends on the recipe and what you prefer, but don’t be afraid to try specific recipes out.


That’s one of the most significant benefits of eating rice and versatile dishes. Exploration is a critical component in the food world, and since rice falls perfectly under that category, it’s even more worthwhile to see what you like and don’t like. Basically, don’t be scared to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to food.

Great for Dieting

As great as it is to sit back and munch away on all of your favorite dishes, there is another point to highlight on why rice is excellent for dieting. The vast majority of people are always looking for ways to either lose or gain weight. Most people aren’t completely satisfied with their health, and a lot of that has to do with their diet.


Rice can operate in both capacities for losing or gaining weight. If you’re looking to add calories to a meal, rice does an excellent job in that department. If you’re hoping to lose weight, a small rice bowl is a great way to fill you up while not having much fat or anything harmful in it.

Easy to Cook

As excellent as it is to venture out and try new restaurants, many people eat a large bulk of their food from home. Not to mention how people are pressed for time and are constantly on the hunt to search for food that’s easy to make. Rice certainly falls under that category, with many recipes only taking a few minutes to be done.


If you remember a few years back, there was a big craze going around about gluten, with many people switching to a gluten-free diet for health purposes. Whether you’re on a gluten-free diet or have a gluten allergy, you’ll be happy to know that rice is entirely gluten-free, depending on the dish, of course.

Easy to Digest

If you were sick and had stomach problems recently, you more than likely have gone on a BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet before. These foods are light on the stomach, easy to digest, and easy to eat. Thus, if you ever have an upset stomach, try sticking with rice to get some calories without hurting yourself.

Loaded With Vitamins

As simple as rice seems, you’d be surprised with the amount of vitamins in it. Rice is packed with calcium, iron, vitamin E, vitamin B, and much more. Seeing as these are all essential vitamins, rice is a fantastic dish for its health purposes as well. Rice has been around for so long, primarily because of its health benefits. So, don’t be shy; set out and get yourself an excellent rice dish sooner than later!

Where Can I Find Rice Dishes in Edmonton?

If you live or are visiting the immaculate city of Edmonton and are looking for a great rice bowl, be sure to visit Rich Bowl Deluxe! Rice Bowl Deluxe offers 40+ different rice bowls, noodle bowls, appetizers, and much more. We also deliver to most places in the city and have a pickup option as well! Order a Rice Bowl today!

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