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With over 25 years in the culinary hotbed that is Hong Kong, chef Kong is the real deal with wok and teppan as his specialty! A true iron chef in every sense of the word! The classically trained HK chef brings the skills, techniques and recipes forged from thousands of years to perfect the Quintessential Hong Kong-style menu at Rice Bowl Deluxe. The classical taste profiles are made the traditional way with authentic ingredients imported from Asia, with all sauces made in-house! So if your taste buds can’t go to Hong Kong, we can bring it to your taste buds!

The history of Hong Kong food is rich and diverse, with an interesting mix of influences from all over Asia. Try out our new hong kong menu or honk kong dine in menu at rice bowl deluxe today or read more about our amazing food and authentic Asian flavours on our Rice Bowl Deluxe Blog

Chef Kong in Action



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