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How is it Made?

See video in live-action of how our bubble teas are made fresh in store. 


  1. Cook the tapioca pearls: Boil water in a pot and add tapioca pearls. Stir gently and cook for about 15-20 minutes or until the pearls become soft and chewy. Drain the pearls and rinse with cold water.

  2. Brew the tea: Brew your desired amount of tea according to the instructions on the package or your personal preference. You can also add sweetener to the tea while it’s still hot.

  3. Add milk: Once the tea is brewed, add milk or non-dairy milk to the tea. The amount of milk you use depends on your preference.

  4. Add ice: Add ice cubes to the tea to cool it down.

  5. Add tapioca pearls: Scoop the cooked tapioca pearls into the bottom of a glass or plastic cup.

  6. Pour the tea mixture: Pour the tea and milk mixture over the tapioca pearls, filling the cup about ¾ full.

  7. Add a straw: Use a large-diameter straw to sip the tea and chew on the tapioca pearls.

Are you a fan of drinking cold or iced tea? Looking for a way to make it more exciting? Why not opt for bubble tea? Here’s a detailed guide on this interesting and much-loved drink from Taiwan. Our bubble tea is made fresh to order from our authentic chef’s in the kitchen. Our boba is so authentic that English language is a second in the kitchen.



What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea aka Boba tea or Pearl Milk Tea is a cold tea drink that was developed in the 1980s in Taiwan. Liu Han-Chieh of the tea shop Chun Shui Tang in Taichung, Taiwan, is considered to be the first to develop this unique drink.  There are usually four main elements to bubble tea: brewed tea, milk, tapioca pearls or boba, and a sweetener or added flavour. It’s usually mixed with ice and sipped through a straw. The popular drink is also called ‘boba tea,’ ‘pearl tea,’ or ‘tapioca tea.’


It was originally called ‘bubble tea’ because of the bubbles that would form in the drink upon shaking it, not for the boba inside the tea. Over time, however, people have come to associate its name with the fun boba inside and continue to enjoy it.



Popular Bubble Tea Flavours

















– Some of our popular flavours – Illustration purposes only


Boba is a lovechild of common Taiwanese desserts. Tapioca balls or pearls, as we know them today, were placed at the bottom. This is then followed by a layer of shaved ice commonly topped with fruits or syrups in other Asian countries. Then, a combination of milk and tea is added to complete the drink. To this day, nobody knows who the genuine inventor of bubble tea was, but it nonetheless sparked a sort of tea renaissance.



Why is it so fascinating?

Since its creation in the 1980s, several bubble tea cafés have sprung up all over the world. The drink isn’t fascinating because of the presence of boba or tapioca pearls in it; the various permutations and combinations of flavours that can be created with bubble tea make it so fascinating for consumers.


Restaurants and cafés typically offer more than 250 variations and combinations. Customers can walk into the café and pick the tea they want. They can choose the milk they want to add to the tea. Then, they get to the fun part of picking from among the several boba options and other flavours or sweeteners available. 


Bubble Tea Illustration at RBD




What are the different types? 

The most popular types of bubble tea in the market are:

  •   Thai tea – here, tapioca pearls are added to strong black tea that has been sweetened using condensed milk.
  •   Fruit tea – this is usually a caffeine-free tea that has a fresh fruit base. You can add your choice of boba to it.
  •   Taro bubble tea – the main ingredient here is puréed taro, which has a sweet toasty flavour. It is similar to the flavour of a sweet potato.
  •   Pearl milk tea – this is a milk-based tea with tapioca pearls added to it. This is the most popular version of bubble tea in the west. 
  •   Tea pearl – this is a milk-free variant of pearl milk tea that makes use of tapioca pearls. 



Which kinds of milk can be used?

Dairy, as well as non-dairy kinds of milk, can be used to give bubble tea a creamy texture. Non-dairy creamers are most popularly used. Other options include:

  •  Coconut milk
  •  Soy milk
  •  Lactose-free milk
  •  Fresh milk
  • Condensed milk
  • Almond milk



How many flavours of do we have?

We have soooo many bubble tea flavours to choose from. You can mix and match and different combinations. We crunched the math for you! Our calculations show over 300 combinations of flavours you can choose. If you add in the different variations of toppings and pearls then we have too many too count!

For example:

1. Mango + Strawberry 2. Mango + Banana… etc.

See our base flavours below

  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Blueberry
  • Lychee
  • Chocolate
  • Passion Fruit
  • Papaya
  • Red Bean
  • Coconut
  • Almond
  • Peach
  • Matcha
  • Sesame
  • Green Apple
  • Mocha
  • Honeydew
  • Raspberry
  • Cantaloupe
  • Taro
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon

For the most updated bubble tea list and flavours please see our official bubble tea menu on our delivery and pickup menu above 



Strawberry Summer Flavour



Which are the most popular flavours?

The most popular bubble tea flavours depending on the season! For instance, during the summertime the most popular ones include fruit flavours like our Mango or Coconut bubble tea. In the winter there is a trend towards some of the heavier and rich flavours like Caramel and Vanilla

Popular Summer Flavours

  • Mango, Coconut, Peach, Watermelon


Popular Winter  Flavours

  • Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla,  Winter Melon

If you’re in the mood for something fruitier, take your pick from among the fruit-based flavours. If you’re in the mood for something else, pick a nutty-flavoured tea to satisfy your taste buds. For an up to date bubble tea list please see our menu


Bubble Milk Tea Drink Promo Instagram Post (4)



What kind of topping is there to choose from?

Our bubble tea toppings include pearls, lychee, jelly and popple flavours. See our list below.

  • pearls
  • lychee jelly
  • mango jelly
  • green apple jelly
  • mixed fruit jelly
  • strawberry popple
  • mango popple
  • lychee popple


These toppings are what puts the “bubble” in bubble tea:

Pearls: For the most part, they are made from tapioca flour, water and brown sugar and are the traditional chewy bubbles of most bubble tea drinks.

Lychee is a small red fruit that is commonly found in Asia.

Jelly:  Jelly is made from the inside layer of coconut.  They are slightly more nutritious and fruity than pearls.

Poppa: aka (bursting boba or popping pearls) is a popular topping that creates a unique and exciting flavour when you bite into it and “pop” the boba pearl. These are little pearly spheres that are filled with fruit flavour. The outside is made with seaweed. If you haven’t tried poppa and are looking for a unique and different taste we recommend you give it a try.


What type of teas can be used?

  •   Black tea – this is the most popular type of tea used in the making of bubble tea.
  •   Green tea – green tea is another type of tea used to make bubble tea.
  •   Oolong tea – standard or green Oolong tea is loved by many bubble tea drinkers.
  •   White tea – although uncommon in Taiwan, white tea is popularly used to make bubble tea in the West.


Green Tea or Black Tea for Bubble Tea Base


What kinds of bubbles and additions exist out there?

While we don’t offer all these variations on our menu you might come across some of these variations in Tawain and other parts of the world

  •   Tapioca pearls – chewy, round globules of boiled tapioca starch. They are the most popular bubbles used in bubble tea. They’re usually purplish black, pastel, or white colour.
  •   Frog eggs – created from wild basil seed.
  •   Taro balls – purple balls made from the taro plant.
  •   Tapioca noodles – these are derived from cassava starch and come in the shape of noodles. They can easily be slurped up through the wide straw that every glass of bubble tea comes with.
  •   Jelly – various flavours of jelly are offered as cubes. Coconut jelly, grass jelly, aloe vera jelly, and other options are available.
  •   Boba – these are also like tapioca balls, except that they’re a lot bigger.
  •   Sweet potato balls – these are also chewy balls that can be made using sweet potato.
  •   Pudding – puddings of different flavours may also sometimes be added to your glass of bubble tea to make it stand out.
  •   Fresh fruit – diced fruit is a great addition to bubble tea, especially if you’ve picked a fruit tea.
  •   Ice cream – you can either mix this into your bubble tea or use it as a topping.
  •   Cookie crumbs – add crushed Oreos to your bubble tea with this option.
  •   Red bean – these are sweet and add creaminess to your glass of bubble tea.



Where can I find some in Edmonton?

At Rice Bowl Deluxe we offer authentic Asian drinks such as Hong Kong ice tea, Vietnamese coffee and our course bubble tea. Come try out some of 40+ different rice bowls sourced from around the world including our signature Chicken Fried Rice Bowl and popular Dragon Rolls.


We deliver to most locations in the city and offer our own free delivery on our website (while promotions last) or you can save 10% when you order online today for pickup.


Read more about bubble tea on our blog or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our brand and stay up to date on the latest deals.


Rice Bowl Deluxe – Eat rice • Live forever


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