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7 Reasons Why Rice Rules

The Western world is only beginning to understand the complexity of rice as an ingredient in many dishes. Rice is one of the most versatile ingredients in the world, going with nearly everything and present in nearly every culture. From the paella made over wood fires in Valencia, to the bamboo-smoked rice cakes of the Philippines, there is no end to the ways it can be prepared.

Rice is one of the ultimate staple foods

Though rice is not consumed as much in Canada, it has grown in popularity. After all, there is a reason why billions of people in Asia and the rest of the world almost never have a meal without it. Outside of being versatile and delicious, rice has the following qualities:

1. It is stored easily.

Rice needs no refrigeration or freezer space. So long as it is kept in a cool, dry place, milled rice can last indefinitely. Brown rice can last several months as well, and even longer in the fridge.

2. It is low-cost.

One of the reasons it is the staple food in many Asian cultures is because it is easily accessible. It can provide filling sustenance and reduce the intake of high-cost proteins when paired with them.

3. It can make good use of leftovers.

Take, for example, the fried rice bowl. In homes across the world, that dish is made of leftover rice, leftover vegetables, and leftover proteins from other dishes. All you need is a wok and s trong rice-stirring technique to make sure the whole dish is cohesive and cooked well.

4. It lends well to an eclectic menu.

China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, India, the Philippines. These are just some of the Asian cultures that prize the presence of rice in their dishes.

5. It is easy to prepare.

Rice is generally a low-labour dish. All that needs to be done is to throw rice and water into a pot, sprinkle some salt, and then wait. If you’ll be pairing the rice with a flavorful side dish, you won’t even need the salt! It may take you a few tries, but it’s quite easy to prepare a rice bowl once you get the hang of it. Find yourself enjoying rice a few days a week? Consider getting a rice cooker to make weeknight dinners even easier!

6. It is a nutritional marvel

Rice is a carbohydrate that is surprisingly low in calories and sodium. It has only trace amounts of fat with no cholesterol or trans fats. Not only that, but rice is non-allergenic and gluten free. Those with celiac disease have no need to worry about consuming it.

It is also full of all the right proteins and amino acids, and is a rich source of thiamine, niacin, phosphorus, iron, and potassium.

7. Its other types are also rich in other nutrients

Brown, red, and black unmilled rices are 100 percent whole grain. They are dense with nutrients, high in fibers, folic acid, vitamin E, and minerals. They are perfect for those who need a high-fibre diet to lower the risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and other health conditions.

Final thoughts

The beauty of diversity is that we get to experience bold new flavors and share wisdom between people of different cultures. One way we can do this is through the sharing of meals. Food, after all, is the great unifier. There is nothing that can bring people together like delicious rice and delicious food.

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