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Bubble Tea Edmonton

Bubble Tea-rific Tips – What You Need to Know About the Drink

Bubble Tea-rific

What You Need to Know About the Drink

If you enjoy good things in life, chances are you have already had bubble tea before. The utterly addicting sensation of slurping up the so-called bubbles has made its way outside Asia. Although the famous drink originated in Taiwan, bubble tea has amassed a strong online political cult following, becoming a welcome favourite on the world cuisine table.

Now that it’s hit the global stage, you need to know what truly makes the best bubble tea and other fun facts to boost your knowledge. This guide will make you an unofficial member of the cult and define you as a connoisseur rather than a basic bubble tea drinker. 

Qualities that Define the Best Bubble Tea

Take note of the following defining characteristics of the best milk tea: 

  • Ratio of milk to tea: Bubble tea must have just the right amount of milk and tea to really be enjoyable. It’s that creamy yet faintly soothing taste that makes every sip worth it. This golden ratio is one of the main reasons bubble tea is a great refresher or dessert-like beverage. 
  • Chewiness of the pearls or jellies: The so-called bubbles in bubble tea are actually tapioca pearls. Sometimes, you may even have a mix of jellies. These must be easy to chew on and add to the excitement of the drink. There are different types of pearls and jellies to choose from, so don’t be afraid to try them out or ask for the most preferred combinations. 
  • Colours or packaging: The allure of bubble tea can also come in its cute or artsy packaging and the colours of the liquid. Because most of them need to be shaken first before drinking, seeing the shifting colours and pearls in the drink is like watching a cool lava lamp. However, note that these are just style points, and there are great bubble teas that focus solely on flavour. 
  • Sweetness: This is a controversial topic among the bubble tea drinking community. Sometimes, you can control the level of sweetness by asking for 100 percent sugar, no sugar at all, or somewhere in between. Arguably, the more daring bubble tea providers simply go with what they feel is sweet enough, and that can be a hit or miss. Overall, the sweetness can define what makes a basic bubble tea great. 

Random Bubble Tea Facts 

 Now that you have understood what makes the best bubble tea, it’s time for you to know some key facts about the drink. These will open your mind to other kinds of bubble tea culture around the world. It’s a great way to pop other people’s bubbles about what they know about the popular drink. 

  • Bubble tea’s milk substitute: Although it may seem fresh milk is the most ideal for most bubble teas, some have resorted to powdered creamer. This can be a welcome choice since it can make the drink thicker and richer in flavour. Some even put salty cream on top, which is also good. 
  • Spiked bubble tea: Some more adventurous bubble tea drinkers have considered mixing some alcohol as the sweetness complements the strength of either rum or vodka. Although it may seem excessive to add another drink to the mix, doing so is a welcome addition for more outgoing drinkers. 
  • The term boba means something else to Filipinos: When you are in the Philippines or among your Filipino friends, be careful not to call them boba. Although boba is another term used to refer to the pearls in bubble tea, it also means dimwitted or idiot in Tagalog. Imagine the look on your Filipino friends’ faces when you proudly proclaim that you are drinking boba tea. 

Drink one today! 

 Now that you know all the tips and learned some random facts, put your newfound knowledge to the test by drinking bubble tea today! 

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