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3 Tips to Enjoy Perfectly Cooked Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a flavourful stir-fried noodle dish that consists of rice noodles, eggs, dried shrimp, tofu, and bean sprouts. Everyone can garnish the meal to their preference, which is why it is traditionally served with sugar, fresh lime wedges, fish sauce, ground red chillies, and white vinegar on the side. 

This noodle dish became a global ambassador for Thai cuisine after several decades. What made it one of the most popular dishes in the world is its intricate combination of flavours and a well-balanced contrast of textures that turned it into a comforting meal anyone can love and enjoy.

How Can I Tell If a Pad Thai is Perfectly Cooked?

Pad Thai has now become a staple dish in many restaurants worldwide. However, not every dish is the same. Recipes vary from one establishment to the next, and it generally has ingredients that are not overly remarkable. What sets each dish apart is the way it is cooked and the combination and balance of these ingredients. 

You can tell that a Pad Thai is well-prepared as soon as you take a bite if it has a fresh taste, a restrained sweetness, and bursts of salty, sour, and tart flavours. It should also be precisely cooked. The rice noodles must be fresh, firm, and medium-slender with a particular bite profile, and they are never gloopy, starchy, or stuck together. They should be dry and with separate strands. Peanuts and nearly raw bean sprouts, on the other hand, add a reserved crunch for the rice noodles. 


Pad Thai does have some sweetness, but it is never sickly sweet, and its tangerine flavours are never overpowering. It has a rich aroma and a brownish-red shade from tamarind paste and fish sauce studded with bits of green onions, scrambled egg, toasted peanut, tofu, bean sprouts, chillies, salted radish, and cilantro.


Look out for some restaurants that put peanut butter, shredded coconut, ketchup, or teriyaki sauce in pad Thai, because no self-respecting cook would do that. Additional lime, chilli pepper, rice vinegar, and fish sauce should also be optional and offered by way of condiments.


What Is the Proper Way of Eating Pad Thai?


Thai people use chopsticks for a bowl of hot noodles, but Pad Thai is eaten differently. The majority of Thai food is eaten with a fork in the left hand and a spoon in the right. You also don’t need a knife since the food is served in bite-sized pieces. Simply use your fork, supplementing with a spoon if necessary.


Where Can I Try Delicious Pad Thai in Edmonton?


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Pad Thai has a careful balance of flavours and textures that make it a well-loved Thai dish all over the world. Keep in mind all the information in this guide to make the most of your dining experience and enjoy your noodle dish. Satisfy your craving by hunting for a quality restaurant that specializes in authentic Asian cuisine like ours.


Enjoy one of the best Pad Thais in Edmonton at our restaurant. We also serve made-to-order rice bowls, lemon chicken, tempura, and more in Canada. Order now!

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