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Where to Get Truffles in Edmonton

Where to Get Truffles in Edmonton

Truffles are a delicacy that every person should experience in their life, especially if you’re in Edmonton. The city has quite a few options, making it easy to know where to get truffles in Edmonton and across the country. Still, not everyone knows where to go for truffles, no matter how easy it may seem.


As a result, below will discuss everything to know about truffles in Edmonton. We’ll highlight a few restaurants to consider, what restaurant types serve truffles, growing truffles, and more. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of what to know about truffles and the food sensation related.


1. Rice Bowl Deluxe


The Market Place at Callingwood

#226 6655-178 Street

Edmonton, AB  T5T 4J5


Strathcona Town Centre

7909a 104 Street NW

Edmonton, AB  T6E 6N8


8910 – 149 Street

Edmonton, AB T5R 1B8


Phone Number

(780) 489-5699



Quick Bite

Easy to Order

Versatile Menu


Rice Bowl Deluxe is an excellent option for quick and easy food, featuring two truffle options on their menu. The food is of excellent quality for the price and is worth the wait. Check Rice Bowl Deluxe out if you’re looking for a quick bite with a versatile menu.


People who love rice like me should try this place! The taste, quantity, and quality are great! The prices aren’t bad, and you can have a full-fledged meal that will keep you full until your next meal! It’s an all-around great experience no matter your taste preference.


2. Cactus Clubs Truffle Fries


11130 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 0L1, Canada


Phone Number




Superb Fries

Excellent Truffles

Simple Menu


Cactus Clubs Truffle Fries has some of the best food and atmosphere in the city. The front desk, servers, expo, management, and kitchen staff do a fantastic job. It has a very inviting environment, making everyone who goes into the restaurant feel very welcome.


The food is delicious and features sophisticated drinks with well-balanced meals. It has a fantastic patio, making it the perfect spot to celebrate an anniversary with your partner. The menu is simple and makes it easy for first-time visitors to order without wasting too much time.

3. Uccellino


10349 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7, Canada


Phone Number




Fancy and High-Quality Italian Restaurant

Fantastic Plating

Excellent Food


Uccellino is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton. The service is excellent, seating you quickly and letting you take your time with the menu. Waiters and waitresses do a great job filling your glasses, coming to you with any need you might have. Aside from the excellent service, the food rules too.


All of the dishes will make you want to cry, especially the truffle dishes. Though the bill is costly in the end, it’s worth the experience if you can afford it. If you want expertly crafted meals and fresh pasta, Uccellino is the restaurant to visit. It’s arguably the best spot for Italian in the area.


4. The Marc


9940 106 St, Edmonton, AB T5K 2N2, Canada


Phone Number




French Restaurant

Great Atmosphere

Easy to Go Ordering


Everything about The Marc is perfect, especially the truffle dishes. It has an outstanding balance of class and elegance with comfort and relaxation. You don’t need to wear a suit or dress, but you’re not out of place if you want to. The staff is genuinely friendly and knowledgeable, explaining the menu at ease with any questions you might have. 


The featured gin sour is refreshing and incredible with how quickly it can go down. From the appetizers to the main dishes, everything is fantastic. You can tell the food is prepared with love, and everything about it is incredible. I can’t recommend The Marc enough if you’re looking for French food.


5. Ernest’s at NAIT


10701 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 2R1, Canada


Phone Number




Fine Dining Restaurants

Student Chefs

Beautiful Plating


Ernest’s at NAIT features incredible food and generous portions. The complimentary puff pastry appetizer and strawberry sorbet palate cleanser are a personal favourite to go with the truffle dish. Other main dishes, such as bison prime rib and lamb shank, are very flavourful and tender. 


Having a dessert cart to display the featured dessert is a nice touch but makes it hard to decide which one. Though the restaurant is a culinary lab for students at NAIT, it’s entirely above my expectations in practically every way. Check it out and give any of the rotating truffle dishes out.


Where Do You Get Truffles in Edmonton?

There are plenty of truffle shops and restaurants throughout Edmonton for you to visit. Remember that truffles are costly, so expect to spend a decent bit of coin. Regardless, the experience is worth it if you can afford it. Consider saving the experience for a special event like a birthday or anniversary. Nevertheless, places to consider for truffles include:


  • Italian Centre Shop Ltd
  • Evoolution
  • Purdys Chocolatier
  • Macarons & Goodies French Bakery
  • Real Canadian Superstore


Which Restaurants Serve the Best Truffle Items?

Part of what makes truffles such a delicacy is their rarity. Fortunately, the web has made it much easier to seek out truffles. If you don’t have access to the web, a good rule is to visit any fancy restaurant. The best examples include Italian, French, Japanese, and Spanish food.


  • Italian Restaurants
  • French Restaurants
  • Japanese Restaurants
  • Spanish Restaurants
  • Fancy Eateries

Can You Grow truffles in Canada?

Although you can grow truffles in Canada, realize it’s much more challenging than anything else. Truffles are grown in the lower central area of British Columbia, Vancouver Island, the Pacific Northwest, and the Niagara landmass of Ontario. Expect the process to take five to nine years, as is typical for any fruiting plantation.



Truffle hunting is extremely rare in Alberta, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Some people have stumbled across truffles in the province. Regardless, it’s better to search for truffles than to try the fruiting plantation yourself. Only consider it if you have enough land to plant an orchard since truffles are ground underground.



Like growing truffles in Alberta, it’s sporadic for truffles to grow in Edmonton. Though it’s technically possible, no one has enough land in the city to plant an orchard for truffles to spawn underneath. There is also the point of how long it takes to grow truffles, making it a challenging process.


Truffle Oil, Truffle Salt, and Truffle Powder


Truffle oil is a cutting-edge culinary fixing used to add the flavour and fragrance of truffles to a dish. The fixing is generally used as a finishing oil in various dishes, including truffle fries, pasta, pizzas, and puréed food varieties.



Truffle salt is a moderately new mixture made by blending conventional salts with white or dark truffle bits. While firmly fixed in a holder, the truffle fragrance saturates through the salt. It gives the truffle salt a natural truffle flavour we all know and love.



Truffle powder is a fine finished powder giving the unmistakable taste of dark truffle to any dish. It’s usually salt, potato flour, rice flour, dried black summer truffles, mushroom powder, and truffle extract.

Truffle Costs

A single truffle can cost a few thousand dollars, with it being one of the most costly food varieties you can purchase. The purpose for its price is because of the shortage of the produce, truffles being seasonal, the difficulty of growing truffles, and the years it takes to produce. Furthermore, truffles have a short shelf life. Regardless, here are standard costs for truffles.

Where to Get Truffles in Edmonton – Conclusion

These days, truffles are an intriguing delicacy saved for exceptional events. Though the market has recuperated, it’s anything but an ordinary dish. Be mindful of where to get truffles in Edmonton and the best options to consider.


Consider trying a truffle dish at any of the restaurants above. It’ll be a high-end food experience that everyone should consider trying. Save the event for a memorable night, like a birthday or commemoration. There’s a reason why truffles are an exceptional dish for so many to encounter.

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