advantages of ordering direct

Advantages of Ordering Direct From Rice Bowl Deluxe

The advantages of ordering direct from a restaurant are much more beneficial than most people realize. The appeal of ordering from a food ordering and delivery platform may seem beneficial, but it is stringent on the restaurant. Not to mention the number of fees a customer has to deal with from food ordering apps.


Here at Rice Bowl Deluxe, we’ll discuss why you should consider ordering directly from other restaurants and us. We’ll highlight what we offer, what ordering direct is, and the advantages of ordering direct from a broader perspective. Then, in the end, you’ll see a few details on how you can order from us. Let’s take a look!


What is Rice Bowl Deluxe

Rice Bowl Deluxe prides itself on not being fast food but fresh food made fast. We offer 40 plus different rice bowls sourced worldwide and deliver to most places in Edmonton! Our food is made to order, is health-conscious, and carries natural, authentic Asian flavours. We also have a pickup option on our online order system.


If you live in the great city of Edmonton, consider ordering directly from us to see our full menu, regardless if you want to pick it up or have it delivered. We also offer free delivery, lower pricing than third-party platforms, exclusive promos and deals, and much more.

What is Ordering Direct?

Ordering direct is the process of ordering food from a restaurant rather than going with a third-party platform. Third-party platforms, such as Uber Eats or Doordash, have emerged in popularity for people to order food from their favourite restaurants easily. Unfortunately, these platforms end up costing the restaurant and customers more.


The platforms also may not feature a restaurant’s entire menu. So, if a person wants to try a new restaurant, they may not get the whole experience from a third-party platform. There are a lot of negatives and cons tied to third-party platforms. Thankfully, many restaurants, including Rice Bowl Deluxe, are now offering an online order direct option.

Advantages of Ordering Direct From Rice Bowl Deluxe

Down below will highlight the clear advantages of ordering direct from Rice Bowl Deluxe. These aren’t the only reasons why you should consider ordering direct. It’s just a solid list to keep in mind next time you’re in the mood for authentic Asian cuisine. Nevertheless, let’s take a look!

Full Menu

Whenever someone is in the mood to head to a restaurant, they want to see their full menu. After all, having access to the full menu will showcase the most options available food-wise. Unfortunately, third-party platforms tend to mitigate a restaurant’s full menu significantly.


This option can be done for many reasons, ranging from the app not updating to the latest menu or the restaurant only listing a few things on the platform. Ordering directly from a restaurant allows customers to see the entire menu, allowing them the full range of available options.

Pick-up and Delivery

Unlike some third-party platforms that only offer delivery, ordering direct from Rice Bowl deluxe allows customers to select a pick-up or delivery option. If you’ve had a busy day or are in a rush and need food delivered, you can do that within a click of a few buttons. If you’d instead pick your food up, that is not a problem as that option is also available.

Free Delivery

If you’re leaning toward getting food delivered, Rice Bowl Deluxe offers free delivery, making it an even easier and more accessible option. As valuable as it is to get food delivered, many third-party platforms make it very costly to deliver. From added restaurant fees to the delivery cost itself, the prices add up.

Lower Pricing Compared to 3rd Party Platforms

Many people complain about third-party platforms for the increased prices that are tagged onto the prices. Prices from restaurants are typically jacked up for the platform to make more income, on top of delivery fees and convenience fees. In the end, people spend much more money on the platform than they would normally.


Ordering directly allows people the chance to pay the actual price of the food without additional fees. Additional fees may cause someone to go elsewhere because the price can become too high. Why pay more for something more when you can get the same thing elsewhere?

Zero Commissions

The primary reason ordering directly is much more affordable than ordering from a third-party platform is commissions. Third-party platforms have significantly more fees, making the overall cost much more expensive for people to order from. These fees also hinder the restaurant since they have to cover a fee to be on the platform.

Exclusive Promos and Deals

Speaking more specifically to Rice Bowl Deluxe, ordering directly from Rice Bowl Deluxe allows people for exclusive promos and deals. On the contrary, third-party platforms don’t offer any specific promos and deals for restaurants. Ordering directly from Rice Bowl Deluxe can potentially grant you the opportunity to save money or get free food.

Supports Local Business

When ordering from a third-party platform, it makes it very easy for the food to be tainted with on the way. After all, you don’t know who is getting your food. Ordering directly from a restaurant helps guarantee satisfaction. It also supports the local business more since they don’t have to cover the negative cost of a third-party platform. It’s a win-win no matter how you look at the matter. Local companies in Edmonton can help set up online ordering for your restaurant 

Order From Rice Bowl Deluxe Today!

Hopefully, this article helped outline the advantages of ordering direct from restaurants. Nevertheless, if interested in finding excellent authentic Asian cuisine in Edmonton, look no more!  Here is a summary of all the advantages of ordering directly from Rice Bowl Deluxe you can share with your friends and family. 


Head on over to Rice Bowl Deluxe, where we offer 40 plus different rice bowls sourced from around the world! We deliver to most places in the city and have a pickup option as well.


Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our brand and stay updated on the latest deals. We look forward to hearing from you!


Advantages of Ordering Direct

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