Made To Order Food

Why Made to Order Food is Awesome in a Restaurant Setting

Ordering food is an essential make-up of going out to eat. Although most are familiar with the traditional function of getting food in a restaurant sense, there are plenty of other ways to get food from a restaurant. One of the trendiest ways of going out to eat is made to order food.


Made-to-order (MTO) food can vary from rice bowls to Korean chicken wings, all of which can be modified entirely depending on the order. For those who don’t know, MTO is the process in which a restaurant prepares the food precisely to a customer’s specifications. A typical example of this would be Chipotle or Blaze Pizza.


Nevertheless, if you need some further convincing on why an MTO setting is ideal from the consumer’s perspective, you’re in the right place. Keep in mind; these examples don’t take anything away from how a restaurant operates. All it does is showcase why an MTO setting rules. Let’s take a look!

Ordering Process is Easier

The main attraction of an MTO process is the ordering itself. Rather than sit at a restaurant and scroll through the menu trying to find something you like, it’s a much more straightforward process that’s worthwhile in picking what you want. People are picky eaters, and it can be challenging to try and convey precisely what you want to a restaurant.


Thankfully, the MTO method cuts out any communication issue where customers can put their orders in and get what they want. It’s an easy order process that works effectively for all parties involved. Although some people might put extended notes in their order, this is way less of a nuisance than it seems.


On the other end, customers will enjoy the process of making their dishes in a sense. It’s as if they have a personal chef that’ll make their food for them at their request. People love getting precisely what they want, and restaurants love knowing they’re giving the customer their exact order.


Take-Out Becomes Simpler

Besides the ordering process is much more straightforward, it also paves the way for take-out to be much easier. Part of the reason the MTO method is so deeply entwined with popularity nowadays has to do with the booming nature of online ordering. An MTO restaurant works beautifully online and is extremely simple to set up.


Rather than have a long notes tab for customers to put what they want and don’t want, customers can go online and check boxes for their ingredients. It becomes a painless process for the customer, and in return, it benefits all parties involved. It’s a win-win, no matter how you view it.


Customers Can Put Exactly What They Want

As already touched upon, the most significant advantage of an MTO method is on the customer end since they can put what they want. Rather than going into a restaurant with a lengthy list of what you want and don’t want on your meal, it’s a lot easier to check some boxes and get what you’re interested in.


It’s a proven method, and there’s a reason why so many restaurants are popping up with this style. Plus, restaurants won’t need waiters or waitresses in this sense, allowing a maitre d’ to take orders while everyone else prepares the food and clean up messes when need be. It’s an effective workflow.


People Love Made-To-Order Food

Although it might seem subjective, the popularity of the MTO method is indeed worth noting. There’s a reason so many chains such as Chipotle, Moes, Five Guys, and countless others are expanding beyond belief. They have the customer base to back them up, and many local restaurants follow the same path.


Whether it’s a person ordering from their phone or a family stopping by to order dinner, all of it can be done effortlessly through the MTO process. It has helped reshape what many people view as the restaurant medium, a popular notion that’ll benefit restaurants moving forward.


It’s More Straightforward for Workers to Work

From a business perspective, a significant benefit of an MTO restaurant is how straightforward it is for workers to work. Rather than have multiple pieces to the business involving hosts, waiters, cooks, dishwashers, food preppers, and so on, an MTO helps eliminate the host and waiting portion.


A person typically takes the order, while a crew makes the food with food preppers and dishwashers in the back. Depending on the time, the crew can even more dwindle. It’s an effective way to ensure the restaurant has fewer pieces to operate, making it an easier way to manage.


It’s Fast and Effective

As for how an MTO restaurant operates, it’s a lot faster and effective compared to a traditional restaurant. Rather than someone sitting around waiting for their food to come, they go up, order, and get it within a matter of moments. The food is still fresh and tastes immaculate, proving you don’t need to wait hours to get a great dish.


Greater Variety

With the ability to thoroughly choose what you want comes with the bonus of a greater variety. Even MTO restaurants that are in a specific niche tend to offer a lot. Even if you’re a picky eater, it’s still better to have a wide selection to choose from than just a few options. Plus, you more than likely know someone that’d prefer more options.


Reduces Wasted Food

When someone orders a meal, there’s almost always something in the meal they don’t like. Whether it’s onion, tomato, or anything for that matter, restaurants waste a lot of food when people order something and don’t like some of the ingredients in their meal. An MTO method helps reduce wasted food since people aren’t going to order certain ingredients they don’t like.


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