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Tall cup of bubble Tea

5 Times You Need Bubble Tea The Most – What to Know

There is still debate surrounding the origins of bubble tea. Competing stories agree that the tapioca drink emerged in Taiwan in the 1980s when a teahouse owner mixed white tapioca balls with a tea drink. In succeeding versions, the tea shop mixed the tapioca with brown sugar or honey, giving them their blackish colour that we see in most popular bubble tea drinks today.

The chewy balls swimming ice-cold sweetened tea exploded in popularity across Asia, later carried over the Pacific to North American shores. Bubble tea (often referred to as “boba” or “boba drink”) is a favourite among many young adults and teenagers. It offers a fun and casual way to enjoy a tea drink or cool off on a hot summer day.

The classic version of bubble tea is freshly brewed black tea mixed with milk, crushed ice, and a hefty serving of tapioca balls. If you feel adventurous, you can order a medley of toppings like grass jelly, cheese, taro root, or adzuki beans. The combinations get crazier as more and more people fall in love with the ice-cold treat.

For purists, the original black tea is still the best bubble tea version in the market. Don’t let its simple appearance fool you; the drink is tasty, filling, and offers just the right amount of sweetness. Whether you are having a good or a bad day, a glass of tea can be the perfect companion. Here are five other times we think it may be an excellent time to indulge in a bubble tea:

1. On your diet cheat day

Unfortunately, bubble tea won’t be kind to your hips, especially if you are trying to shed a few extra pounds. A little treat won’t hurt, of course, so pick a day in the week to give yourself a break from your salt-reduced meal prep. Run to the nearest bubble tea shop and pick out the biggest order to get your hands one.

2. After a long day at work

When you spend the entire day dealing with irate clients or managing emotional employees, you are going to need a little pick-me-up. Nothing can change a mood around like a glass of bubble tea. Check out of the office and stop by your favourite bubble tea shop on the way home. Your exhausted brain will thank you for it.

3. When you need a caffeine boost

A lot of people don’t enjoy drinking coffee. If you are feeling sluggish and slow, pick up a sweetened tea and tapioca ball combination. It can give you that extra burst of energy in the morning or the early afternoon during the post-lunch hour slump.

4. When you want to catch up with a friend

Coffee dates are ubiquitous. If the weather is hot, the last thing you want is to sip hot java. But coffee shops are also great for quick catch-ups and casual conversations with friends and loved ones. Make your meet-up a little more interesting by picking a bubble tea place instead. Unlike coffee, bubble tea tastes great paired with savoury snacks, so you can fill up while you cool off and discuss the latest gossip.

5. As a reward for acing your test

A bubble tea drink is high up on the reward scale. When you get excellent test scores, you might want to mark the day with something simple yet special. Treat yourself to milk tea and order it fully loaded. You can add as many toppings as you like and perhaps order an additional glass to take home with you.

The next time you can’t think of what drink to quench your thirst with, get yourself a tall sweetened tea and order an extra serving of tapioca pearls to go with it. The best bubble teas are enjoyed for no reason at all. The drink can replace your meals, should you feel so inclined. There’s no need to justify your craving; your local bubble tea shops will be happy to oblige, no matter how many extra tapioca servings you order.

Are you searching for the best bubble tea in Edmonton? We serve delicious bubble brews that you will surely enjoy—order one for yourself or twenty for your next party. View our menu online and call us for delivery to satisfy your bubble cravings today!

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