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Spring Rolls

3 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Spring Rolls

Asian food is one of the best cuisines in the world. When you think about Asian cuisine or look at photos of their dishes, your mouth will instantly water. The dishes are unique and colourful, and use the best ingredients and spices that would always leave you with a great lasting impression.

An Asian favorite everyone must try is spring rolls. These golden cylindrical-shaped, deep-fried appetizers feature tasty pork and vegetables enclosed in wafer-thin wrappers. These are enjoyed and served best with a dipping sauce that varies from country to country. Because spring rolls can be found in different countries, you’ll come across one in most Asian restaurants.

Whether you’re unfamiliar with this dish or an avid fan of spring rolls, you should know some of these exciting spring roll facts. Let’s dig in!

1. It is believed to have originated in China

The Chinese are believed to have invented spring rolls. Spring rolls have a long history in China, dating back to the Eastern Jin Dynasty, which lasted from 265 AD to 420 AD. During this time, spring rolls looked different, more like a thin pancake. People would make this dish to commemorate the first day of spring.

During the Ming Dynasty, cooking skills were more developed and elevated. The cooks during this time would roll these traditional pancakes into what they are today: spring rolls.

2. Its shape symbolizes wealth

The great thing about spring rolls is that they are shaped conveniently, so they are easy to eat. However, the reason behind its shape isn’t because of convenience.

In Chinese cuisine, spring rolls are stuffed with cabbage and vegetable fillings combined and wrapped with a thin cylindrical pastry. They then deep-fry these rolls to produce beautiful golden bars. These golden cylindrical-shaped rolls symbolize wealth and represent gold bars.

Spring rolls are a must-have dish during Spring Festivals in China because it is believed that it will attract wealth and prosperity.

3. Its ingredients are different in each country

Since spring rolls have made their way to different countries throughout the years. Every region has tinkered with its traditional ingredients to make it their own to blend well with their cultures.

Traditional Chinese spring rolls usually have vegetable fillings. In contrast, spring rolls in Indonesia or the Philippines include pork or other meat variants to their rolls, sometimes served with pineapple sauce. Both types are deep-fried and are also wrapped in cylindrical shapes. Meanwhile, most Thai spring rolls aren’t deep-fried. Instead, its vegetable filling is wrapped in delicate rice paper and usually enjoyed with peanut sauce. Like Thai spring rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls usually have seafood and a different type of dipping sauce.


Trying different cuisines from all over the world is one of the best ways to exercise and enhance your palette, and spring rolls can help you with that! Set up a variety of spring rolls on the table with different dipping sauces and travel around Asia one spring roll at a time. If you’re craving to try some spring rolls, it’s time to head to your nearest Asian restaurant or have some delivered to your home.

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